The Company

Physical Store

ALEXIS KITTAS handcrafted jewelry store is located in Ioannina. It is a place that houses handmade jewelry designed and constructed exclusively by Alexis Kittas. His love for creation and the art of jewelry making makes for unique results.

Initiated in the art of goldsmithing and insisting on using traditional techniques, his jewelry is made completely by hand, without the use of modern machinery. Gold, Silver precious and semi-precious stones are the materials that combined with his expertise in jewelry, result in unique creations.


Alexis Kittas studied in 2009 in Metallo Nobile school in Florence, Italy the art of handmade jewelry. After he completed his studies and being a second generation maker, he returned to his home ground, in Ioannina, where he took over the workshop of the goldsmithing store “Chrysolithos”, that his father, Dimitris Kittas, maintains until this day.

Working hard for a decade, he acquired the needed experience to create his own designs and jewelry. In 2019 having managed to create a large collection of jewelry he decided to create the appropriate place to house his handmade pieces.

The goal of this unique place is for the clients to understand the difference between an industrial and a handmade piece of jewelry. Handmade jewelry has a personality of its own and that exactly is its magic.